Global Slovakia is a Slovak non-for-profit dedicated to sharing Slovakia with the world, and to uniting the Slovak family across the world. 

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Zuzana Palovic, PhD.


Zuzana was born in communist Czechoslovakia, but her family fled to Canada where she was raised and educated. Living so far away from her homeland, Zuzana never forgot her roots. Her fascination with the country and the people of her origin led her into the halls of academia where she earned a prestigious PhD in migration. Her work and research is dedicate to those who, like her family, had to leave the land in the heart of Europe in search of safety and opportunity.  Zuzana founded Global Slovakia in 2018 to help bridge the divide and promote Slovakia globally.


Gabriela Bereghazyova, PhD.


Gabriela was born in socialist Czechoslovakia and raised in independent Slovakia where she graduated from university in Cultural Studies. All the way through her Slovak education, she continually struggled to find engaging, fresh and insightful content about the country. Eventually fate took her abroad where she continued her pursuit of higher education at leading institutions in the United Kingdom. It was abroad that she fully realized what a treasure and miracle Slovakia is. Ever since, she has put her energy and time into promoting Slovakia’s rich history and culture, while helping Slovaks around the world to re-connect with their roots and ancestral homeland.