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An Emotional History of Immigration


Countless Slovaks left Slovakia because life there got too hard. A harsh climate, a lack of freedom, pandemics, crop shortages, and an everyday struggle to earn a living were a daily reality.

For hundreds of thousands, the only way out was to leave behind their beloved forests, rivers, and mountains.  Carried by their hopes and dreams,  they ventured across Europe and the Atlantic to lay their roots down in New World. 

Slovak Settlers is a project that seeks to collect the humble and grand, sad and joyful, impressive and sentimental stories of those who dared to embark on the journey into the unknown. 


Slovak Settlers pieces together the fascinating, powerful, and touching Odyssey of Slovaks who left their homeland in search of a new life in faraway North America. Their destinies reveal a timeless story of shared dreams and hope that should never be forgotten. 

Although the history of Slovakia is a history of migration, we know so little about the Slovak men and women who dared to cross the ocean in search of a better life and even less about what happened to them after.

Their stories help to recover ties severed by decades and even a century of separation. 



Explore the stories of Slovak settlers delivered to you by the Global Slovakia Podcast.



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This project is supported using public funding by Office for Slovaks Living Abroad - Úrad pre Slovákov žijúcich v zahraničí.

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One Slovak Family is an international movement that seeks to unite the Slovak diaspora abroad with the home country. Currently, the organization campaigns to alter the Slovak Citizenship law to allow descendants of Slovaks migrants to claim Slovak citizenship.


The emerging museum is the only one of its kind in Slovakia. It collects, documents and preserves stories and artifacts that speak of migrants' destinies.


The man behind Slovak Ancestry is Michal Rázus, a genealogist, tour guide and historian. He has been helping people find their roots and reconnect with the long lost families for 15 years. Slovak Ancestry goes beyond genealogy. It hosts a popular podcast which uncovers extraordinary stories of Slovaks from across the globe.